Corporation Tax

Under Corporation Tax Self Assessment (CTSA), the legal responsibility for correctly calculating the corporation tax liability falls on business owners.  

Our objective is to work closely with you as we understand the issues facing small business owners and can prepare tax returns for you.  We wil calculate your company's tax liability.

With the increased reporting obligations, investigations policies on the part of the tax authorities and harsher penalities for non-compliance, why not let us minimise the administrative burden of compliance with current tax legislation.

Year End Accounts

Let us provide all the advice you need to ensure you understand your accounts and that they are compiled efficiently, accurately and submitted on time.

We can provide your year end accounts for filing at Companies House.  Once prepared, we will review them with you, helping you to understand and agree any assumptions or estimates we have prepared.

Our aim is to make the whole process as minimal as possible, giving the best tax advice and help your business towards growth and success.

Tax Calculations

Our objective is to work closely with you to ensure you pay the minimum tax required by law.  We are specialists in income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

We have the relevant expertise and software to help you become compliant with every aspect of Self Assessment.


We can advise and assist you with you VAT, seeking and getting profesional assistance before you VAT is due could eliminiate a huge expense if it is wrong.

We can help with:

VAT tax planning
Contacting the VAT office on you behalf to deal with any queries or disputes that arise.
Help with inspections and visits
Advise on the most suitable VAT scheme for your business

Tax Planning & Returns

There are two main types of tax return.

If you have simple tax affairs including employees, pensioners and the self employed with turnover less than £67,000 (and expenses less than £30,000), you will receive the shorter tax return.

If your affairs are more complicated, you will receive a full tax return. This is a lengthy document as this form also include supplementary sections.Inland revenue - Tax return

We can help with you Tax Planning:

♦ Analyse your self assesment tax return
♦ Complete your tax return
♦ Calculate your final tax liability
♦ File the tax return online

Payroll Services

We can provide comprehensive and confidential payroll services, including:

Customised payslips
Administration of PAYE
Completion of statutory forms, including year end returns, to issue to your employees and submit to the Inland Revenue eg. P60's, P14's and P45's.
Administration of Pension Schemes, bonuses and termination payments.


Let us take the pressure out you and allow us to complete your paperwork for you.  This way you can concentrate on running your business.

We will need your invoices, bank statements, receipts and any other relevant information.

We can then prepare all your 

  • VAT Returns
  • Management Accounts or quarterly figures
  • End of Year Accounts
  • Estimated Tax Liabilities

We will ensure all your paperwork is organised, providing the most effective, time saving bookkeeping service for your business.

Financial Advice

Every business should plan ahead and we will work with you to get to know your business in order to make suggestions to help improve profits or to develop and grow your business.